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Our Menu

Meat  By  the  Pound

(Our meats are butcher fresh cuts we prepare and roast in house and are available sliced by the pound)

Smoked Meat ~ 19.50/lbs.

Roast Chicken ~ 19.50/lbs.

Smoked Pork Shoulder ~ 19.50/lbs.

Rideau Bakery Double rye loaf ~ 7.95 full / 3.95 half

Olive oil and herb Ciabatta buns ~ 1.25 each

(chef carved add $75)


(House made smoked and slow cooked beef brisket carved by hand)

Smoked Meat on Rye ~ 9.95

House made smoked beef brisket/yellow mustard/rye bread

Smoked Roast Pork ~ 9.95

Smoked pork shoulder/gremolata/honey & grainy mustard aioli/arugula/ciabatta bun

Spicy Chicken Club ~ 9.95

Roast chicken breast/crisp bacon/spicy sriracha sauce/tomato/arugula/ciabatta bun

vPulled BBQ Chicken Wrap ~ 9.95

Pulled BBQ Chicken/Black bean salsa/Romaine/Cheese sauce/chili sour cream/Sriracha Aioli

Wheatberry & Kale Wrap ~ 8.95

Flour tortilla stuffed with wheatberry grains/ feta cheese/tomatoes/cucumber/red onion/kale/ house vinaigrette

Roast Chicken and Cranberry ~ 9.95

Roast chicken breast/cranberry sauce/mayo/romaine/french bread

Smoked Salami and capacolo ~ 9.95

Smoked Northern Salami/Capacolo/Provolone/Roasted Red Pepper/Arugula/Gremolata


Cubano Sandwich ~ 9.95

Roast pork/ham/Swiss cheese/sliced dill pickle/yellow mustard/French bread

Smoked Meat Rueben ~ 9.95

Smoked meat/ sauerkraut/ Russian dressing/Swiss cheese/rye bread

LGBT ~ 8.50

French bread/bacon/cheese sauce/goat cheese/sundried tomato tapenade/fresh tomato/arugula

Croque Monsieur ~ 8.50

French bread/Virginia ham/cheese sauce/Swiss cheese

Croque Madame ~ 8.50

French bread/fresh roasted chicken/cheese sauce/Swiss cheese

Grilled 4 Cheeses ~ 8.50

French bread/cheese sauce/ cheddar cheese/Swiss cheese/goat cheese

Add Baby Back Rib ~ 8.95

Baby Back Rib/cheddar/Cheese sauce/Arugula/Sriracha Aioli


Caesar Salad ~ 4.50 sm / 8.00 lg

Romaine/house Caesar dressing/croutons/bacon crisp/parmesan cheese/lemon

Potato Salad ~ 3.50

Mini red potatoes/onions/celery/gremolata/sour cream dressing

Coleslaw ~ 2.50

Cabbage/carrots/onions/house vinaigrette

Wheatberry Salad ~ 4.50

Wheatberry grains/tomato and cucumber/kale/house vinaigrette

Kale Greek Salad ~ 4.50

Kale/tomato/cucumber/red onion/feta/kalamata olives/greek vinaigrette

For Orders over 10 sandwiches please order 3 hours in advance

For orders over 18 sandwiches, please order 24 hours in advance




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